Our system

Here's how our our freshly built subscription system can benefit your business

Support for business and private, WhiteLabel's systems can help you to increase revenue by targeting both private and business customers.
Our systems are a 100% Software as a Service cloud based removing the majority of IT costs.
Built with the latest technology, our systems speed and efficiency enable you to create the best possible customer service experience.
WhiteLabel’s customer handling system is 90% automated enabling you to stay focused and productive on the important part of your business.
Our simple and intuitive interface can reduce your employee training and customer service costs.
 Our system enables your energy business to run as a real e-commerce webshop and reduce sales costs.
With support for both hard (field marketing) and soft (e-commerce) business persuasion models your business is not locked into any specific business model.
Electronic communication is built in to our systems to enable you to provide fast and direct line of communication to your customers.
Prepaid subscription capability with many different payment options.
Access to Betalingsservice, Bank transfer, electronic FI, Dankort, VISA, Mastercard and most debit card payment options will help to increase revenue and market share.
Hourly billed subscriptions for business customers with option for flexible billing for private customers from October 2015 increasing the scope of your business model.
WhiteLabels systems are ready for the open market in Denmark 2015
With self-service systems based from the telecom world, provide your customers with a recognisable interface to manage their account.
Our systems have automatic FI-kort balancing with your customers bank, saving them time and effort.
With a unique user and role based administration system, WhiteLabels provide you with easy control of data access by support staff.

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